Thursday, September 29, 2005

Success in Virginia

Despite my complaints last night, I was able to come home with nearly every BOSWELL and HALL record that was on my list. One will was not where it was supposed to be, though I may have misunderstood about its existence. Had there been more time, I probably would have gone back to the Recorder's office after the library because of the references to additional deeds that were in the vertical files. Maybe if there's another chance to go to Maryland I'll pick those up along the way.

Since coming back I've been taking a preliminary look at the new nephew's maternal Maryland ancestry. Although I can't confirm a lot of the details from here, census records and what others have already researched have allowed me to come up with a decent rough draft. If it's ever desired, this outline should make it easy to compile a more respectable genealogy. I'm told that a lot of the Eastern Shore families have been there since the 1600s.

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