Thursday, December 29, 2005

Can you hear the crickets?

Wow, two posts in the last month. It's a good thing I'm not being paid for this stuff.

Here's the deal. I am constantly messing around with my web template. I'm never happy with a layout because I have no discernible artistic skills. Take a look at CSS Vault and CSS Zen Garden and you'll see some of the stuff I wish I could do. The CSS isn't that big of a challenge. I just cannot create a great looking site or even try to replicate things I see. I know what I'd like to design, but Photoshop is a beast and like I mentioned, I'm not artistic.

In addition to coming up with yet another layout for next month and eventually doing something with the Blogger template, I'm still plowing through the KOCH and WIEDEY church records. I hope to be done with this branch by spring.

I've found a mistake in earlier research and will post that story soon. It's nothing as major as having to unlink or delete a family branch. I screwed up with a record that's interesting in a historical context, but not genealogically.

I've made some progress on a Colonial family and hope to do more with that very shortly.

I've also been working on other assorted German families. One of these days I'll become more focused...

The next few months should yield lots of records to confirm prior research and, hopefully, provide new details.

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Lee Anders said...

Chirp. Chirp. Yes, and they were driving me crazy! So nice to see you posting again. Also, you may not consider yourself an artist, but I think you've done a fine job on your family genealogy site. I believe this is a different layout from the last time I visited there, and if memory serves me correctly, I was equally impressed with it then. And when you see as many as I do, you come to appreciate a good design when you see one.

Dave said...

Thanks, Lee. :)