Monday, February 27, 2006

Who/Where is next?

I may not be done with the current batch of film for several more weeks, so it won't be until then that I decide where to next focus my attention. Wherever that is, it will likely be after a break from FHL film that I've been wanting to take for a while. A break then will work out well because I'm ahead of schedule ordering films this year.

The path of least resistance is preferable and at the moment that looks to be the families who attended church in Werther, Westfalen (DEPPERMANN, HOLZ, KINDERMANN, VOSSIEK, etc.). I might as well take care of the easy stuff and since the IGI shows info (extracted, not submitted) for at least two or three generations of these families, I think this qualifies as relatively easy. But without even seeing them I'm a bit worried about the Werther records. Lutheran records from nearby Bockhorst, Borgholzhausen and Rödinghausen are similarly formatted and not especially detailed. I'm running into the same issue with some records from Horn, which is somewhat in the same neighborhood, generally speaking.

After Werther, I guess the goal for this year and perhaps next year is to finish off all of the films where I know I'll find information. Without looking, I'd guess there are several films from assorted German places that I need to get in order to take the next step. Once those are finished, it'll be decision time: Do I start semi-blindly ordering films on a regular basis hoping to hit the jackpot, or do I go to Salt Lake City to research broader areas more quickly than ordering a few rolls of film each month?


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