Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is going to be a fairly lame response to Lee tagging me, but the pickings are slim. It's either this or I go back to the library and make copies of page 161 from the two books in Special Collections that had my full attention last week. These two genealogies had an unbelievable amount of info for a nephew's maternal ancestry.

I may end up buying one of the books from the author, but I don't think I'd be as eager to pay for the other: a limited edition*, two-volume set from 1909. That would cost a pretty penny...which leads to my selection from the 2008 edition of The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins. (Nice segue, eh?) Page 161 is mostly tables showing values of 1853 quarters, but there is this text:

"The reduction in weight is indicated by the arrows at the date."

Fascinating, I'm sure.

* This is the second published work I've found with relevant info for certain Maryland Eastern Shore folks, and both books were printed in very low numbers; the 1909 set was initially limited to 50 copies. I haven't looked for reprints yet, but it may just be a matter of time before this genealogy is digitized.

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Lee said...

I've read that book! And I remember that line! LOL...not really, I barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday. Great book though!

And, as always, thank you for playing along and for being such a good-natured friend!