Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MO Deaths: Done!

A few days ago I was at the Missouri Secretary of State's web site, just checking to see if another year of death certificates had been finished. It had seemed to me that there was a delay in getting the next batch online, as the last update (1939) had been in November/December of 2007.

Well, I got home tonight and Craig had blogged that the project is done. For those not keeping score, the Archives just uploaded the final five or six years worth of certificates that had been missing. Amazing.

Not to take away from this big news, but I'm actually kind of curious to see if the Archives decides to introduce another big, high profile project that could again utilize the energy and devotion of an army of volunteers. Maybe something like a statewide index to wills and probates, or deeds. Those kinds of resources exist on a local or county level, but they're not always published and rarely online. Having an index up to, say 1910 or 1920, would be extremely helpful.


Janice said...

I wish that some other states would catch up with what Missouri is doing. Thanks for the great article.

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David said...

Yeah, it's great now, but before this started I'd tell anyone that listened that Missouri needed what Illinois had: an online index of names. I'm pretty lucky that the two states I do most of my research in have these online resources.