Monday, January 05, 2009

2008 and 2009

I'm a few days tardy with a summation of what was accomplished and how well I did with my plans in 2008, so here it goes:
  • I'm still slowly combining databases into one.
  • I'm also slowly adding information and images to my site, ShowMeAncestors.
  • Nothing happened on the DNA front. I still believe that testing would be the fastest and cheapest way to at least get pointed in the right direction on at least two families.
  • The local library reopened a little ahead of schedule in November (they had been closed since last December to remodel and expand). In addition to being very close to home, this may now be the most comfortable library in the area. Best yet, they purchased two digital microfilm scanners.
  • I did make substantial progress while researching the ancestry of my two nephew's mothers. However, this is yet another example of me getting away from what I've deemed a priority and really need to be focusing on — merging databases.
  • A photo of Emil LANKAU surfaced when I made contact with another branch of his descendants. This was very exciting. The photo also showed his wife, Alvina RICK, and just as I had suspected for a few years, we already did have a photo of her that was not labeled. (The theory had been that the photo was of my grandfather's two grandmothers because we knew who one of them was.)
  • No news on the EBERT, HEATON, HUHN or LODENKAMPER brick walls.

Here is what I hope to accomplish in '09:
  • Order records or outsource research in Germany on at least five different family lines. I didn't contact the Evangelical archives in Hessen like I wanted to last year for REINMĂ–LLER research, so that's on the list. And I now have leads for help in Bavaria and Niedersachsen to help with a few more families.
  • Resume researching deeds. I started on this years ago, but got away from it.
  • Get a new computer. Things are starting to drag, especially opening large image files.
  • Convince one of my brothers into helping more. What's the best way to get someone addicted to genealogy?
  • Make more of an effort to track down photos with a broader approach to contacting relatives.
  • Pick one family, see what holes need to be filled and publish a book through Lulu or a similar service to see how well that process works.

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