Saturday, July 16, 2005

Disappointing church records

After having good luck with various records from Catholic and Lutheran churches in Germany, I've come across two parishes whose records leave a lot to be desired. The Lutheran churches in Bockhorst and Borgholzhausen have some sections in which the details are what one would hope to find, but most of the pre-1800 records do not list an individual's date of birth or age, the names of their parents, or even lesser details such as a house number or father's occupation. This is primarily a problem with marriage records. The lack of these details makes it difficult to determine the names of parents and extend the genealogy.

By ordering additional microfilm (death/burial records) I hope to be able to learn an individual's age at death and then see if a baptism record matches up. This may work with the WIEDEY family, but there were so many KOCH families that I don't know if it will be possible. The only bit of hope with the KOCH family is that it appears they were in the town of Berghausen for many years, whereas the other families by the same name were scattered about in nearby towns.

I will probably be able to finish this phase of KOCH and WIEDEY research this year.

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