Saturday, July 16, 2005

Very good Kinser news?

I recently received a copy of Michael KINSER's 1819 will from Wythe County, Virginia, and a Mary KINSLER was named as one of Michael's daughters. I'm sure that was a misspelling of KENSLER, as in the Mary KINSER that married Jacob KENSLER in 1810.

Better yet, the volunteer that obtained this copy for me turned out to be a KINSER descendant herself! She informed me that there is a KINSER book worth checking out and I've since tracked down a copy. This book may be the source I've been looking for; I've suspected for some time that all of the KINSER family information online came from a book, which no one previously could name. With this book, I should finally be able to use some of the local resources (at the excellent St. Louis County Library). The problem I had been running into is that the Pennsylvania and Virginia books had KINSER information which others obviously have used, but did not link the older generations to the point at which I had been stuck (circa 1800). This "new" book should make the connection.

Michael KINSER was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, the second such ancestor I've found so far. (The other being Charles HOWARD.) Michael's experience in the war was not good, as evidenced by the injuries he and his wife described in pension claims. Michael was also caught by the British.

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