Thursday, November 10, 2005

Genealogy Audio Programs

I've mentioned Irene Johnson's Relatively Speaking genealogy radio show before. I enjoy it, but I often forget that it's on. When I do remember about the show on a late Sunday afternoon/early evening, I usually have to open up Audacity, hit record and walk away. I'll come back later, save the file (MP3) and then listen later in the week. This is why I like downloadable audio content (podcasts) and RSS. There's no need to be around at a set time or remember anything, except to run iPodder at some point to grab the latest files. What I'm getting at is that I wish Relatively Speaking was a podcast or at least had an online archive. Not only for my benefit, but for everyone. The show is that informative and enjoyable.

While on the subject, I also think The Genealogue should have a podcast, sort of a cross between The Daily Show and Diggnation.


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Chris said...

As it happens, my brother was a DJ for many years. I, on the other hand, hate the sound of my recorded voice. Unless I can negotiate a Howard-Stern-sized contract, I'll be sticking to the written word.