Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Site update. For real this time.

I jumped the gun a bit on the 12th regarding site maintenance and it didn't help that the FTP connection to RootsWeb stopped working. All of the pages are up now. There are a few remaining images to upload, but I'll take care of them this weekend. After that, I'll start getting the overall image situation back on track (more frequent additions).

I will also be making some additional changes to the CSS to accomodate different screen sizes. That was the primary reason for altering the layout a bit. And then I'll try to come up with a new blog template. Nothing spectacular. Just something instead of a stock option.

Those using Internet Explorer to view the site may see some problems with the layout, namely some borders not aligning properly. I just noticed this issue. When I make pages and CSS files I always test them locally with Firefox and IE, and I did not notice this border malfunction. I'll try to take care of it this weekend.


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