Monday, March 27, 2006

No luck in Bavaria

Back in December, I submitted six GEDCOMs* to the Society for Family Research in Franconia as part of their annual, free project to try and find matches between researchers. The results just arrived: No one else had matching information for my BURGER, EBERT, FUCHS, KRUG and SCHWEIGER families. (The sixth file was for another BURGER family, whose relation to my ancestors is currently unproven but likely.)

Although more than two million names were submitted, less than 600 people sent files to the Society. Since there don't seem to be many FHL films for Bavarian church records -- well, at least in the places I need to research -- I hope this project becomes more popular.

I found out about the project from one of the RootsWeb mailing lists. I'm sure details will be posted later this year for the next round of the project.

* The files only had basic information (name, places, dates) and were limited to two generations.

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