Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Cousin They Lost

The other day, Miriam mentioned a site called Lost Cousins (AnceStories: Lost Cousins is Completely Free Until 2008!). I signed up (free) and while the concept is interesting, I think it would be a lot easier to use if Lost Cousins made a deal (or is there an API?) with FamilySearch that would allow users to "claim" households and individuals in the 1880 census.

It's a great way to find others researching the same ancestors, but I lost interest after adding a handful of individuals to my account.


Miriam said...

What a great idea, David! It does take a bit of time to add information to the Lost Cousins database, and it would be nice to just click, click, click on ancestors names through's 1880 and 1881 census databases. Maybe you should sell them the idea? ;-)

David said...

They lost me with the repetitive nature of what I've already done on my own (e.g., database entry and citations, census transcriptions). I honestly cannot imagine entering every one of my ancestors *and* all blood relations *and then* waiting for the day they enable entry for censuses other than 1880. I have a few thousand census pages (JPGs) on my hard drive and I'm not close to being done.

Like I wrote, it's great idea. But they really need to streamline the process. I'm not a big fan of GEDCOMs (because I'd have to edit out a lot of info and notes to share), thus my suggestion they somehow use what is already right there on the screen, albeit on another site.

As for getting paid...I'll give you a commission if you broker the deal. ;)

Apple said...

I didn't try Lost Cousins because it will cost money later on. Instead I'm working on WeRelate. I have the same issue with uploading gedcoms and also that they don't always upload into the proper fields.

I like the idea of working off of the census transcriptions!

Janice said...

I already have too many cousins! Just kidding lol

Happy New Year David.


David said...

Apple, I'll have to look into WeRelate. I know I should be using these sites for more exposure, but I guess I'm looking for something that doesn't require a lot of setup.

Happy New Year, Janice, and everyone else. Janice, it turns out I don't need you as a cousin anyway; I found one at FindAGrave today. ;) Let me clarify: I found a *living* cousin who had posted info at FindAGrave.