Monday, January 21, 2008

Prairie in St. Louis cemetery

Well, here's another excuse to get back down to Calvary Catholic Cemetery:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Life springs anew in Calvary Cemetery.

Calvary is in northern downtown St. Louis, north of the downtown most people are familiar with (e.g., Busch Stadium, the Arch, etc.). Calvary is a huge cemetery right next to another large cemetery, Bellefontaine Cemetery. Quite a few notables are buried in these cemeteries, most importantly some of my ancestors and distant relatives, haha. I'd guess that this section of prairie is unknown to locals. Or it was until Sunday's paper came out. I'll have to check this out next time down there.

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Apple said...

If they figure out how to get rid of black locusts let me know! It's actually great that they have set aside this much acreage in the city. We never did see prairie grasses when we were there last year. I guess we'll have to visit again sometime.