Thursday, January 10, 2008

Used headstones free in St. Louis: Update #2

KTVI has posted video of tonight's report.


Apple said...

They were able to locate some death certificates? hmmm

If the sign was taken down & Foster's was going to call with an explanation I'm guessing they have them. Hopefully they'll end up where they belong.

David said...

I get the feeling they (both reporters) either haven't read my emails or were looking for some other sort of verification (obits or family members). If they're wrong, they look stupid on TV in front of the metro area. If I'm wrong, I don't particularly care that this little blog has a mistake. That being said, I think the certs. are pretty self explanatory. And it's not like I was seeking credit for anything. They'd have to do additional research to find me and talk in person.