Thursday, July 10, 2008

One of "those" genealogies

While using the book search at HeritageQuest Online for a surname in a sister-in-law's and nephew's ancestry, I came across a succinct little treasure of names and dates for several generations in a book that, from the title, appears to be something you'd find in a library and think, "This looks legit." So, I went to the beginning of the chapter to see whose ancestry was being written about. The first sentence read:

"**** ******** ***** is of Swiss, German, Dutch, French, Scotch, Irish, Welsh and English ancestry, which has been traced back several centuries on many different lines, and on one line back to Adam and Eve, naming the direct ancestor in every generation back to the Garden of Eden."

I was relieved to find that the surname of my interest is not connected to the supposed Adam and Eve line — which wasn't even listed in detail, by the way — but I'm still going to use what I found as a road map. Thankfully, the info for the family I'm researching appears to be plausible.

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