Thursday, August 31, 2006

William Holtermann

"New" Cousin Dan pointed this out:

   "To help the poor, the Vincentian Superior John Timon challenged the laymen of St. Louis in 1846 to begin the first unit of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in America. It was the initial Catholic organization in St. Louis that went beyond parish and nationality. Of the eighty-nine men who took an active part in the society in its first six years, the president, Dr. Moses Linton, a convert, and none others were Anglo-Americans, mostly from Kentucky and Maryland, spiritual director Father Ambrose Heima and ten others were German, five were French-American, and one was Slavic. The other officers and all of the other members were Irish or Irish-American.
   "Among the early German speaking members were John Amend, Charles F. Blattau, Kaspar Brinkmann, Joseph Broeken, John C. Degenhart, John Everhart, John Everhart, Jr., Dr. L. B. Ganahl, William Holtermann, Philip Karst, Augustin Laufkotter, Christopher Pieper, Francis Saler, and H. J. Spaunhorst."

From The St. Louis German Catholics by William Barnaby Faherty, S.J.

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