Saturday, August 27, 2005

1884 Steamboat Wreckage Visible

The recent lack of rain in the area caused the Missouri River's water level to drop. I don't know if this is the lowest it has been in a while, but media reports about an old steamboat wreck being visible are something I do not recall from the past. KMOV has an article, photo and streaming video. (Their site may or may not require free registration. It did not when I searched for the article, but I went back to check something and got the registration page. Annoying.) Google News seems to show the same AP article used by various media outlets.

I looked at microfilm of the St. Charles Demokrat (German) and The St. Charles Cosmos for an article from 1884. I found one in both papers, but only printed the English version since I didn't feel like translating the story from German.

The St. Charles Cosmos, 25 June 1884, p. 4

If anyone cares, the Demokrat's article was on page three of the June 27th edition.

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