Thursday, August 18, 2005

Film review: Bockhorst Lutheran Church Records

Thanks to the Bockhorst Church records, the WIEDEY family can be traced back to about 1721. Where the family lived and attended church before that time is a not known, but the records were useful despite most pre-1810 entries lacking the kind of details genealogists hope to find each time they load a reel of film onto a reader.

Some pages were blurry — undoubtedly because of the source material and not the result of poor filming — but overall the Bockhorst Lutheran Church records were easy to read and made nice paper copies. Many of the entries were not written in the German script you would expect to find, so finding names was easier than was believed at the time the film was ordered.

The church in Bockhorst is not that far from the church in Borgholzhausen and there were instances of families migrating between the parishes. Because death/burial records are not indexed, it may even be the case that some family members "missing" from Bockhorst and Borgholzhausen records were buried from another nearby church. Those researching families in this area should be prepared to order multiple films, not only because of the proximity of parishes but because the Bockhorst records are on five different reels of film.

Title: Kirchenbuch, Evangelische Kirche Bockhorst
Film number: 0473560, 0473563, 0473564
Film quality: 8/10

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