Friday, August 19, 2005

Coming to a cemetery near you?

My first reaction to a tombstone that plays a video is, man, that's tacky. Then I kick it around for a moment and think it's not too bad of an idea, but I wonder if it would really be worth it.

Wouldn't it be a better (and more cost effective) idea to make a DVD with a longer, (presumably) higher quality movie or photo slideshow that could be distributed to family members?

Wouldn't these tombstones become a favorite target of vandals?

If this kind of product is going to take off, why not install a small storage device* with a GEDCOM of the deceased's ancestors that could be downloaded by visitors, or other files such as a digital copy of their obituary?

Never mind. My first impression was probably right.

* Update: Lee Anders notes that such a device already exists. Thanks!

"Consider for a moment the ability to visit a cemetery or monument and actually be able to read, see and even hear details about a family member, friend, or famous individual. Imagine having history come to life and be able to take this important information with you."

"The Memory Medallion's Patent Pending process offers a revolutionary way to store, retrieve, and modify information in a remote location. It is a weather resistant, extremely durable stainless steel computer memory device about the size of two stacked quarters, which allows storage of multiple pages of text and digital images in any location without the need for electric current."

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Lee Anders said...

Here you go:


Dave said...

Cool, thanks! That's certainly more attractive, IMO.

Have you seen the glass monuments that look like an old, giant soda bottle?


Lee Anders said...

You're welcome.

And, no, I have not. But, you can bet I'll be googling for a picture of one tonight! LOL


Dave said...