Sunday, August 28, 2005

Film Review: Borgholzhausen Lutheran Church Records

It makes sense, I guess, that since Borgholzhausen and Bockhorst were so close, that the records would be similar in format. The good news is that the Borgholzhausen Church records were more detailed than what was found on the Bockhorst reels. The bad news is that there were still instances of being stumped in the mid- and late-18th century. Researching the KOCH name didn't make it very easy to begin with, and the other names (ELLERBECK, FREUNING and GEINER) weren't "cooperating." I'm left with the assumption that some of the families came from elsewhere, or at least attended another area church besides those in Bockhorst and Borgholzhausen, before a certain point.

I would score these reels as a nine out of ten, but there were some sections that looked like I had hurriedly written the records — scary. Had I been looking up every KOCH baptism or marriage in the IGI, I would have had trouble completing the list in one month's time. Overall, though, the records are easy to read and made nice prints.

There are ten reels of Borgholzhausen church records and I'll have to rent at least two more, so another review will be posted when those have been viewed.

Title: Kirchenbuch, Evangelische Kirche Borgholzhausen
Film number: 0473583, 0473588
Film quality: 8/10

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