Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Big One

An article in the Post today (Sitting on Shaky Ground) rehashes what St. Louis-area residents already know: When the next big earthquake happens in the New Madrid area, we may be in for a rough ride due to the makeup of our soil.

A map shows that many areas where ancestors lived starting in about 1830 (and where I currently live) have the potential for increased shaking. Ancestral locations in downtown St. Louis, along the Mississippi River in Madison County, Ill., and the bottoms in eastern St. Charles County, Mo., are all marked as having the most risk.

When the 1811-1812 quakes happened, none of my ancestors were this far west. They were still in Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Germany. I wonder if any of them -- other than the Germans -- felt the quakes.


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