Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The plan

Last night I finished off the latest batch of FHL microfilm, thirteen rolls ordered in January. Results were mixed and it has left me with an even stronger desire to take a break and regroup. Ideally, I won't set foot in the library for the whole summer except to fill in a few holes while finishing off some long overdue projects and new leads, unless extremely tantalizing (e.g., info about the origins of the EBERT or HEATON families), will have to wait until the fall. So, my immediate plans are to:
  • Finish cleaning up my notes for each family report, with WIEDEY, HALL, BENNE and BOSWELL (in that order) being first in line.
  • Clean off my desk by processing the stacks of papers that need to be scanned, transcribed or abstracted and then filed.
  • Do the same to the papers in a couple of boxes.
  • Attempt to work my scanner to death by scanning too many photos to count.


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