Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Five misc. items

The Genealogue (Chris Dunham) explores how genealogists use God in their GEDCOMs with "Searching for God at RootsWeb.com." A quick search shows 291 WorldConnect entries with an individual whose surname is GOD (if it's a surname, it should be in all caps, right?). I don't have time to look at many of the entries, but it's interesting to see that Adam and Eve are listed as God's adopted children by one researcher. So, if they were adopted, who were their parents? And you thought modern adoptions were hard to trace...

George Lewis at Random Genealogy notes that "Google Maps Has Street Maps For Most/All of Europe." Sure enough, Buer is there, surrounded by fields.

Another post from The Genealogue, "Oh, Canada!," takes a not-so-serious look at the problem of "tombstoning."

"Online Family Genealogist" from Before You Are Gone touches on an issue many people probably don't think about: What happens to your online genealogy and will someone be able to continue with it?

The Genealogue (yes, again) lists the "Top Ten Signs Your Child Will Be a Genealogist."



Chris said...

Adam and Eve were adopted? I think my copy of Genesis is missing a chapter.

Charles Martin said...

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by "hard to read"? If I need to change the fonts or accessibility, let me know. If it's just the subject matter, yeah, it can be hard to accept sometimes. If it's the writing style, well, I'm kinda new at being serious. :)

Just shoot me an email at admin at beforeyouaregone.com. BTW, nice site.