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Schuknecht, Wiegert and the Groß Methling records

Microfilm of the records from the Lutheran Church in Groß Methling did yield some useful clues about the SCHUKNECHT (SCHOKNECHT) and WIEGERT families, but due to the limited details on some records and quality issues the results were not ideal. For example, it is currently not clear who Katharina Maria WIEGERT's mother was because A) there were two baptism records for a girl named Katharina Maria WIEGERT and while one clearly names her father, Otto Michael, the other only mentions that the father's last name was WIEGERT, and B) a search for Katharina Maria's burial record -- to help determine when she was born -- was unsuccessful. Additionally, Otto Michael WIEGERT apparently had two wives, but only one marriage record was found and it is not very easy to read.

Otto Michael WIEGERT's burial record was found, but a baptism record was not. This may indicate that his parents did not live in the Groß Methling parish at the time, believed to have been around 1733.

Burial records for both Christian Michael SCHOKNECHT and his wife, Katharina Maria (WIEGERT), were not found, though their marriage record and a couple of their children's baptisms were. There was no indication that Christian Michael SCHOKNECHT was baptized in Groß Methling.

Those ordering this film in the future should note that the FHL's description -- Taufen, Heiraten Tote 1652-1875 Konfirmationen 1753-1875 -- is an overview of the records. What the researcher will find is actually:
  • 1652-1685 Marriages
  • 1694-1789 Marriages
  • 1704-1711 Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths
  • 1753-1799 Deaths
  • 1786-1799 Marriages
  • 1753-1799 Baptisms
  • 1783, 1786-1799 Confirmations
  • 1800-1870 Baptisms, Marriages
  • 1856-1870 Confirmations
  • 1800-1870 Deaths
  • 1800-1855 Confirmations
  • 1871-1875 Baptisms

Most of the records after about 1790 are easy to read and the amount of detail improves. Records prior to about 1790 are lacking some key details and don't always print that well. There was also a section of the records -- in the 1750s, as I recall -- which appear to have water damage.

Title: Kirchenbuch, Evangelische Kirche Groß Methling (AG. Dargun)
Film: 0069177
Quality: 6 (out of 10)

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