Sunday, October 09, 2005

Film Review: Halberstadt Evangelical Church Records

The latest batch of FHL film finally arrived. As usual, I went to the library ASAP to take a look. I don't know why I do this, but every time new film comes in I always seem to treat that first session as a scouting mission without printing copies, regardless of what I find.

Anyway, this particular film, as well as the previous reel I had ordered, is about as good as it gets. The Sankt Martini Evangelical Church records are legible and make nice printouts (based on my experience with the first reel). The handwriting really stands out; anyone could read at least 80% of the records, if not more. There are some notations in German script, but these are relatively easy to make out, especially with a little help.

The only downside is that the films are based on duplicate copies of the original church records. This is the only film available from the FHL, so they will have to do. But one might worry that details were perhaps lost or confused during the transcription. Despite this minor concern, which may be unfounded, the quality and legibility of the film makes these records, at least these two particular reels, winners.

Title: Kirchenbuchduplikat, Evangelische Kirche Sankt Martini (Halberstadt)
Film number: 1552292, 1552293
Film quality: 10/10

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