Sunday, October 16, 2005

Just What I Need...If I Were More Efficient

Since I don't have a laptop, I typically take scrap paper to the library. I'll sometimes use a notebook or legal pad, but since the paper is going to be recycled after data entry, I find using misprints and extras just as useful for scribbling my notes. (Junk mail and flyers work just as well, as long as there's a decent amount of usable surface area, typically the unused backside of a sheet of paper.)

Now I see that there's electronic reusable paper. This stuff looks really cool, but I can't help thinking of an Etch A Sketch. Random thought: Can you imagine taking the time to write notes on an Etch A Sketch, or hoping it doesn't get shaken and erase your genealogical find before getting home?

So, it looks like all I need is some electronic paper and an electronically charged pencil. Or do I? With so many sheets of normal paper stacked up waiting for data entry, maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea simply because of the cost. Sorry, trees, I'm not sure I could make the switch.

What is intriguing, though, is this text:

"An electronic reusable paper display could be very thin and flexible. A collection of these displays could be bound into an electronic book. With the appropriate electronics stored in the spine of the book, pages could be updated at will to display different content."

Is that application perfect for a genealogy book, or what?


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