Friday, October 28, 2005

PBS programs

From what I saw of the PBS program Cemetery Special, I thought it was OK. My opinion is somewhat skewed, though, because I really, really enjoyed two previous Rick Sebak programs that PBS aired, A Hot Dog Program and The Ice Cream Show, and I may have built the cemetery program up too much in advance. The program is being re-broadcast again this weekend, so I'll have to remember to tape it and watch the entire hour.

On a related note, I found the first two parts of Destination America mildly interesting. I missed parts three and four, but they are also being shown again this weekend.

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Lee Anders said...

You're not alone. I was kinda disappointed myself. I suppose it depends on where your interest lies. If you're a "living people" person, you would probably enjoy the show immensely. If you're more into the history, tombstones, burial customs, etc., you'll probably feel neglected. :-(

Dave said...

Lee, my comments are a bit premature since I probably only saw 15 minutes
of the program, but it just wasn't clicking with me. The topics of
Sebak's other programs were ideal for his tone.